Benefits of coaching

Four Benefits of Coaching…for the Coach

A couple of days ago, I was on a conference call with a group of coaches. As part of our introduction, we were invited to share what we love about being a coach. One coach replied how she loved watching the light bulb go off in her clients as they gain new insights and learning. Another coach replied how he […]

Rev. Martha Dixon Kearse

“The Sun is Up”: A Conversation with Martha Kearse

Rev. Dr. Martha Dixon Kearse is Senior Pastor of Peakland Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA. She was formerly the Minister to Children and Family Life (2001) and Associate Minister (2012) at St. John’s Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC. Growing up in central Virginia, Martha graduated high school in Lynchburg. She then earned her BA in English and Education at the College […]

Communication Matters with Jonathan P. Walton

Conversation with Jonathan Walton

Jonathan P. Walton is an area ministry director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship‘s New York/New Jersey region. He previously served for ten years as director of the New York City Urban Project. He writes regularly for Huffington Post,, and is the author of three books of poetry and short stories. Jonathan talks to Michael about his book, Twelve Lies That Hold America Captive: And […]

Michael speaking at "Conversations towards Reconciliation" gathering, May 23, 2019.

Learning about Racial Justice as a Racial Minority

“Even as a 12-year-old, first-generation immigrant, I was already fully conditioned by whiteness.”  I shared what I’m learning about racial justice at a “Conversations towards Reconciliation” gathering hosted by the Charlottesville Clergy Collective, Thursday, May 23, 2019. I was born in Hong Kong, and my family moved to the U.S. in 1973 in anticipation of Hong Kong reverting back to […]

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Conversation with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove is a speaker, spiritual writer, who, along with his wife Leah, founded Rutba House a house of hospitality where the formerly homeless share community with the formerly housed. He has also worked with the Rev. William Barber on the Poor People’s Campaign. Rev. Wilson-Hartgrove talks to Michael about his 2018 book Reconstructing the Gospel: Finding Freedom from Slaveholder […]