Rev. Brenda Brown-Grooms on Hard Conversations

The Rev. Brenda Brown-Grooms speaks to me about the importance of community, hard conversations, and paying attention to the people around us.

Rev. Brown-Grooms talks about what led her to New Beginnings Christian Community in 2011 to co-pastor with Rev. Liz Emrey, the founder of the church.

Rev. Brown-Grooms has also been an active member of the Charlottesville Clergy Collective.

She will be one of the keynote speakers (together with Tony Campolo and Lisa Sharon Harper) at the Red Letter Christian Revival, on April 6-7 at E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg, VA.


Below are some memorable quotes from Rev. Brown-Grooms:

“The truth is that we all have something to offer to each other. It’s never a one-way street.”

“The living enterprise is to find ways that can connect with each other … and to be willing to lay down our egos.”

“As church, we are called essentially to be community . . . and to figure out how to be in community. And nothing’s easy about that — it’s hard. People get on my nerves . . . and I get on your nerves!”

“If we’re going to be engaged with human beings, . . . we’ve got to understand and accept the basic notion that we’re going to have moments when we are just uncomfortable, when we are severely uncomfortable, when we are just through, dagnabit! … We’re going to have this conversation anyway.”

“If we do not do the job of being community to each other, then we’re dead.”

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