“Christ’s Love Compels Us” Bible Study

Christ's Love Compels Us“Christ’s Love Compels Us” is the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s 25th Anniversary theme.

At the request of Terry Maples, I wrote a six-lesson Bible Study based on 2 Corinthians 5:14-20 to be included in CBF of Virginia’s 2017 Ministry Planner.

The topics of the six lessons include:

Lesson 1 – What does it mean for Christ’s love to “compel” us?

Lesson 2 – Christ’s love compels us to live on mission

Lesson 3 – Christ’s love compels us to advocate for justice

Lesson 4 – Christ’s love compels us to become a new creation

Lesson 5 – Christ’s love compels us to a ministry of reconciliation

Lesson 6 – Christ’s love compels us to be His ambassadors

I introduced this Bible study in a homily I preached at the CBF Virginia General Assembly at Hampton Baptist Church on September 23. You can read the homily here.

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