Guide to Purchasing Exoteric Liability Insurance

Hello, fellow Exoteric Coaches!

As you know, we are required to carry liability insurance that provides $1M in coverage.

You must also name Exoteric as an Additional Insured, and current members will have six months from March 1, 2017, to obtain get Liability Insurance.

Linton Johnson suggested Lockton Affinity as a provider.

Lockton Affinity, LLC
P.O. Box 879610
Kansas City, MO 64187-9610

I visited their website site, and it was confusing. Too much information and links.

I called the toll free number and was directed to the link below:

BOTTOM LINE: I purchased a $1M liability policy for $133, insuring a life coaching practice in Virginia. Your quote may vary depending on your state (and perhaps what kind of coach you identify yourself).

If you’re interested in purchasing from Lockton, read on…

When you visit, you’ll see this page.

In the drop down box to the right, choose “Counseling & Therapy” and click the green “GET STARTED” button.



Then in the box to the right, choose “No Group,” which is the last option in the drop down box.

Click on “GET A FREE QUOTE NOW” button.


You’ll arrive at the “Quick Quote” page, where you will be asked these questions:


After clicking the blue “Get a Quick Quote” button, you’ll reach this page asking you to select your coverage.

I chose “for limits of $1,000,000 (per incident) / $1,000,000 (annual aggregate).”

Click “Apply for Coverage.”

In the “Tell Us About You” page, you’ll be asked to input your personal information.


You’ll then be asked about your education and certification in your area of coaching.


Then, you’ll be asked if you’re required to provide Proof of Coverage to a 3rd party.

Answer “Yes” and fill in Exoteric’s information as Certificate Holder #1.

My assumption is that a Proof of Coverage certificate will be mailed to Exoteric.


When you “Continue,” you’ll be then given a firm quote + administrative fee ($20).

You will then be asked to input your payment information should you choose to purchase the policy.

Lynn Power also instructed that we can submit our Proof of Liability, email it to her at

Lynn writes: “To submit your Proof of Liability, email it to me at I review all submissions to ensure coverage is at the required level and that Exoteric has been added as Additional Insured. I will file this in your Expert folder.”

I hope this guide was helpful!

All the best as you prepare to serve your clients!


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