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Leadership Coaching

I help faith leaders move from their current reality to their desired future in their lives and in their ministry.

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I help groups gain mutual understanding that leads to clarity and collective forward progress.

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I communicate in ways that connect the head and heart in order to move hands and feet into action.

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Rev. Dr. Victoria White
Rev. Dr. Victoria WhiteWriter, pastor, designer, coach, facilitator, teacher, and Managing Director of Grants and Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School

“Michael asks probing questions and encourages deep reflection, helping his clients chart manageable steps toward clarity and direction. His clients walk away empowered with confidence, self-assurance, and purpose in their personal and professional relationships. His empathetic and deeply contextual approach to each conversation puts him at the top of my list anytime I need a creative, insightful, and adaptive coach, consultant, or team building facilitator.”

Rev. Terry Maples
Rev. Terry MaplesLife & Clergy Coach, Shepherd's Staff Ministry

I've had the privilege of working closely with Michael Cheuk for the past seven years. Our time together has given me keen insight into his calling and giftedness to coach and facilitate team-building experiences. Michael innate coaching skills are manifest through his capacity to listen deeply, craft powerful questions that prompt self-discovery, and gently inspire action toward self-directed goals. I highly commend Michael to any individual, team, or group seeking a transformative coaching relationship.

Rev. Dr. Alvin Edwards
Rev. Dr. Alvin EdwardsPastor of Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church, Charlottesville, for over 40 years, and Founder and first President of the Charlottesville Clergy Collective

"Michael’s skills in organization, communication, and facilitation made my work as the founder and president of the Charlottesville Clergy Collective one of the most enjoyable experiences in leading any organization. I trust Michael explicitly, and the CCC would not be where it is today without him."

Ady Dewey
Ady DeweyBoard chair, The Open Door,

There are two things that stand out about working with Michael. One is that he is a compassionate listener. He created a board retreat that fit our needs and an environment that encouraged honest communication. The second is his openness. He stayed on point yet was flexible to adapt as opportunity—as the Spirit—opened. With his help, we gained insights, connections, and signposts for the next steps in our journey.

Beth Kennett
Beth KennettConsulting and Coaching Ministries Coordinator at the Center for Congregational Health

I have worked with Dr. Michael Cheuk as a consultant through the Center for Congregational Health. Because of his expertise and skills in facilitation, listening and mediation, Michael is frequently called on by the Center for Congregational Health to work with congregations who desire to hire a consultant for conflict management, dreaming into their future, and/or team development for congregational leaders. I have had the wonderful privilege to work alongside Michael and I am always struck by his calm, encouraging and reassuring facilitation and presence with the people of a congregation. Michael cares deeply in helping congregations listen, hear and respond to God’s calling in their communal and spiritual existence. You will benefit greatly in working with Dr. Michael Cheuk to help your congregation.

Emmanuel UCC Nuremberg

“Thriving Congregation” Initiative Energizes UCC Church

Our congregation recently participated in a 'Thriving Congregation' experience led by Michael and another consultant from the Center for Congregational Health. We are a primarily a mature congregation in a small village. The activities enabled us to name overlooked assets present within our congregation and helped us to explore our relationship with the community more effectively - by listening to the community's needs rather than assuming we knew them. Our relationships improved, our gifts were acknowledged, and our self-awareness heightened by this process. While we have always shown our faith through action, we are an even healthier, more faithful, and more productive congregation inside and outside our building's walls. This experience was great!

Rev. Sue SchaefferPastor, Emmanuel United Church of Christ, Nuremberg, PA
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