I bring a compassionate, thoughtful approach to my leadership coaching.

I pay special attention to my client’s identity — their values, beliefs, implicit mental models, etc. — to identify strengths, resources, and pathways to overcome internal obstacles and negative self-talk that impede forward progress.

I believe that you cannot effectively lead others until you’re able to lead yourself by having a clarity of purpose and vision, managing your own anxiety and emotional reactivity, and facing your fears with courage and compassion.

As your coach,

  • I can help you clarify who you are, and the strengths and gifts you bring to the world.
  • I can help you overcome negative self-talk in order to increase your effectiveness.
  • I can help you achieve goals that will bring meaning to your life and fulfill your mission and calling.
  • I can help you strengthen your self-leadership so that you can lead others better.

You will be most successful working with me when

  • You are committed to personal growth and learning.
  • You are open to new ways of thinking and acting.
  • You take responsibility for your own actions.
  • You are ready to serve others through your unique gifts!

Schedule a free 25-minute appointment with me (via Calendly) to explore how I can help you be the leader you want to be.

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