Do you need a guest speaker, preacher or teacher?

I’ve been speaking, preaching, teaching, and even singing (sometimes all in the same presentation) for over twenty years. The “best feedback” award goes to a U.Va. student in a class I taught:  “You were amazing! Not boring at all! I only fell asleep once!”

I’ve presented in churches, regional meetings, community gatherings, colleges and universities, hospitals, academic meetings, and more. 

A few recent presentations I’ve given:

“Being White”

Through presentations, role playing, and facilitated discussions, students will gain a better awareness of the experience of being “white.” Participants will learn 

  • How “whiteness” has been defined in American history 
  • How racism is both personal and systemic, and 
  • A brief history of white Christianity in America

Reading Scriptures Through Other Eyes

Through presentation, audience participation, and facilitated discussions, students will gain greater awareness of our own assumptions, our own lenses — in reading Scripture through our eyes.

Additionally, students will gain a greater awareness of how other people — different epochs in history, different parts of the globe, different civilizations — have read Scripture through their eyes.

Here’s a video of a testimony I shared about my experiences as an immigrant and what I’m learning about racial justice. It was given during a “Conversations Toward Reconciliation” community dinner, May 23, 2019.

I preached a sermon entitled: “Wake Up!” at Peakland Baptist, Lynchburg on February 23, 2020.

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