I bring a coach-approach to my facilitating and consulting services.

I’m trained in facilitating groups to foster deeper trust, more compassionate communication, and greater collaboration to achieve collective impact.

I also received training from The Center for Congregational Health as a process consultant with faith communities.

As a facilitator, I help design group experiences that foster communication and collaboration.

As a process consultant, I work with my clients to co-create an emotionally safe and respectful environment to contain a process of

  • Welcoming and including diverse voices, 
  • Seeking understanding of various perspectives,
  • Clarifying goals, values, and priorities,
  • Channeling conflict to identify fears, concerns, and needs,
  • Holding the tension of polarities, 
  • Identifying group and individual action steps, and 
  • Creating accountability and feedback structures.

In my facilitation and consultations, I assume that there is enough wisdom, resources, and courage in a group to acknowledge present reality, to face possible challenges, to leverage strengths and resources, and to take responsibility to move toward a better future. 

Schedule a free 25-minute appointment with me (via Calendly) to explore how I can help your organization get unstuck and start moving toward fulfilling its mission.

Also, find out more about how I can help you through my leadership coaching and speaking in your gatherings.