How to Ace the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam (CKA) 17

I recently took the ICF’s Coach Knowledge Assessment exam (CKA). This online multiple-choice exam was part of the requirement for me to receive my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the International Coaching Federation. Several of my fellow coaches are also taking the exam, and a frequently asked question is “How do I prepare for this? How do I ace it?” […]

Inaugural address

What Might Happen If Jesus Gave the Inaugural Address

Today, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. I wonder what he’ll say in his inaugural address. (I’ll know soon enough!) I also wonder what might happen if Jesus were elected President and gave the inaugural address. If what happened in Luke 4:14-30 is any indication, Jesus’ inaugural address might not go so well. Jesus […]

Silicon Valley Has A Solution to Discover Your Church’s Future

Many churches I know are anxious about their future. Faced with troubling trends of declining attendance, dwindling budgets, and decaying buildings, congregational leaders face increasing pressure to come up with solutions to these problems. I should know, because when I was a pastor, I spent many waking hours wrestling with this issue. It didn’t help that I wasn’t a particularly […]

A Prayer for this Election Day 2

My prayer for this election day…   “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred for the candidates, let me sow love; Where there is injury from words and accusations, pardon; Where there is doubt about a fair election, faith; Where there is despair for our country, hope; Where there is darkness in our fears, light; […]

What’s Your Sign?

A lot of churches have physical signs that they put out in front of their property, on which they post the week’s sermon title or a “thought for the day.”  This week, I did a Google search of church signs.  Here are some that I found: For better or for worse, these physical signs tell us something about these churches. […]