michael-with-suzii-paynterWhen I was pastoring a church, I often had ideas for projects and partnerships. In fact, I had more ideas than time.

I have a variety of interests and enjoy seeing how these various fields — theology, technology, music, ministry, design, entrepreneurship, and photography, to name a few — can intersect with one another. (Can you tell I’m a geek who enjoys learning?)

This year, I’ve been taking steps to convert some of these ideas into projects.


“Christ’s Love Compels Us” Bible study

Most recently, I completed a six-lesson Bible study for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia.  The study is called Christ’s Love Compels Us, which is the theme for the national Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

Website for Charlottesville Clergy Collective

I’ve also set up a website for Charlottesville Clergy Collective, a group of clergy and interested lay persons who gather regularly to discuss and address the challenge of race relations in the Charlottesville and Albemarle region of Virginia.

CBF FInancial Literacy Survey resultsCBF’s Financial Literacy Initiative for Pastoral Leaders

Currently, I’m serving as a coach for CBF’s financial literacy initiative partly funded by the Lilly Foundation to address economic challenges facing pastoral leaders.

In the summer of 2015, a survey of more than 600 pastoral leaders in 30 states was conducted among pastors within CBF. The survey found that financial literacy in the areas of budgeting, benefits and retirement, as well as debt management are barriers that impede the progress and efficiency of pastoral leaders within the Fellowship.

I created an infographic that summarizes some of the findings in the report. Click on the graphic to view a bigger version, or click on this link to download the full version.

I hope to partner with CBF’s Ministries Council to map and curate more resources to support this initiative in the coming years.


If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of working on a project together, please contact me.


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